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About Ariane

hen Ariane Helleman (1961) at the age of six had to move from Buenos Aires to Holland, she knew that she would be coming back to her country of birth one day. In July 2003 she decided to give up all her securities in Europe and return to Argentina. She returned to the city of Bariloche in Patagonia.

The years in between have been filled with many different experiences, mainly in the tourism industry. Following her dreams and living in countries like France, Malta, Greece, Gran Canaria, United States, United Arab Emirates and many years in the Sultanate of Oman has given her the taste of adventure and understanding what different people need when travelling to unknown destinations.

Travelling with Ariane will not be boring, you will see places and meet people a normal tourist would never be able to discover. Though with adventure can come hidden surprises like a broken down car, culture differences and interpretation of time and cleanliness, but everything will be done to give the tourist the best possible comfort and security. If you decide to join her for a trip on horseback or otherwise, make sure you don't forget your camera and good mood!


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Cabalgatas y aventura - ArianePatagonia


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