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Trans Patagonia - From the Andes to the Atlanic Ocean
This is one of the most adventurous expeditions, taking you from the civilisation of Bariloche to one of the most barren landscapes in the country, the Meseta de Somuncurá. The trip ends at the Península Valdés, where you can see whales and Orcas which visit the nature reserve during most of the year.
Leaving Bariloche, we quickly enter into vast open valleys where the notion of space and wideness takes over from computers, telephones, television and materialism. Transportation in a strong Ford is part of the adventure; no minibus, no microphone but dust and bumps!
During this trip, we stay overnight with native Mapuche Indian families, giving you the chance to experience their traditions and customs, which are very closely related to nature. For example before drinking a glass of wine, you throw a little bit on the ground, to thank the earth for this drink. It is possible to visit communities living in caves. The Laguna of "Yamnago" hosts a large variety of migratory birds during spring and autumn.
Usually when we arrive at our overnight destination, we explore the local area on horseback accompanied by one of the gauchos of the place. Sometimes we will be lucky to just arrive when the sheep are being sheared, the cows are being marked or some other special festivities.
After a two-day drive from Bariloche we arrive at the Meseta de Somuncurá, a highland which over the years has obtained a lot of respect. Before we enter this very barren area, we even hold a kind of ritual where every person gives a small offering and in a spiritual way surrenders to the Meseta. Local belief in the region says that if you do not do this the Meseta might make your crossing more difficult. Crossing the Meseta de Somuncurá will take about two days, depending the state of the roads. Afterwards there are about six hours left to the coastal town of Sierra Grande. Depending on our arrival time, we stay overnight here or continue to Puerto Madryn. From Puerto Madryn we need one full day to visit the nature reserve of Península Valdés. Here we will be able to see the magnificent Franca Austral whales, sea lions, sea elephants, penguins and sometimes Orcas, which come to hunt for these young animals.
From Puerto Madryn there are flight connections to Buenos Aires or Calafate. One can also take a bus or specially organised tours to travel onwards.
The above-described trip is also possible in reverse i.e. from Puerto Madryn to Bariloche
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